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New blog in go

17 Aug 2013

Update: This blog is not written in go, but I'm keeping this post around for posterity.

I've been playing with go for a few months now. I recently needed to do a large ETL for work, copying price data from about 1000 mysql databases and loading it into a single database with a different schema. Leveraging our existing rails codebase wasn't going to work, the migration of 15 million records was going to take on the order of weeks. So in a weekend I wrote a command line tool in go. That was a lot of fun.

Then about a week ago I got an email out of the blue from a CTO at a startup asking about one of my blog posts. I thought, "man, I should really be posting to my blog more". Plus, I wanted to write a webapp in go. So here it is!

The code is available on github. I have several goals in mind: